138 Negotiable Instruments Certificate Course (Legal Drafting & Cross- Examination)

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The cheque bounce law is enshrined under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 and it is one of the most common legal provisions which is being used and relied upon by the parties across the nation. Further, it is also one of the fundamental provisions in commercial and banking laws.

In the commerce world, the transactions of various types heavily rely upon the cheque and it is considered as one the safest and the reliable form of the negotiable instruments. Despite that, there are countless instances of dishonored cheques. It is a notable fact that there are around 1797,47,23,808 cheque bounce cases that are pending before various jurisdictions in India. [1] Further, the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of ‘Makwana Mangaldas Tulsidas vs. The State of Gujarat and Anr. (SLP (criminal) no. 5464/ 2016. The case is still pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India) has observed that the cheque bounce cases constitute around 15% of the total criminal cases with the help of at least 35,00,000 cases across various courts of India.

Moreover, the pandemic has put a pause on cash flow in more than one way and the future is bound to witness the many debt recovery issues in the form of cheque bounce issues among others. 

Keeping in view the aforesaid, the course is designed in order to fill the gap where the practical nuances of NI Act are being taught. The highlights of the course are the drafting tutorials and the cross-examination of the parties which are the essence of the litigation process and the said aspects are rare to learn from any particular source. Further, the interplay of Order 37 of the CPC and section 420 of IPC among other civil and criminal provisions are covered herein. Not only this, but the special lecture on the career aspect is also duly covered. 

Still have doubts, don’t worry the course will also provide you with a doubt clearing session. And all these are being done with the help of videos based sessions supplied with the necessary fundamental course material. Sounds good! But there is a catch; you will clear it only once you clear the difficult test assigned at the end of the course. 

The course will immensely help the law students and the litigants to prepare themselves for the highly used recovery legal mechanism. Further, the aspirants can definitely be benefited via drafting sessions and the cross examination sessions.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Complete Advanced Level Legal Drafting
  • The litigation involved in N.I Act
  • How to conduct Cross-Examination?
  • Law Firm Certified Course Certificate
  • Learn Anywhere Anytime & at Your Pace
  • Complete Student Support Throughout The Program
  • Lifetime course access

Topics for this course

52 Lessons14h 31m

Introduction, Meaning, and Importance of N.I. Act

What is Cheque Bounce?2:19
Introduction by Instructor0:42
What will you get by this Course4:52
What Negotiable Instruments Litigation includes0:58
What is Cheque?0:15
Who is Banker?
Introduction to N.I. Law in India & View of Indian Legislature (Amendments)1:00
Classification of Offence under 138 N.I. Act0:59
Introduction to Procedure1:15
Summary Trial in 138 N.I. Act0:57
Section 143 A N.I. Act (Amendment)1:22
Can Companies Be Held Liable?0:18

Mechanism of Cheque Bounce Cases

Cross-Examination in Section 138 Cases

Doubt Clearance Part -1

Drafting of Negotiable Instruments Act?

Learn Drafting Legal Notice and also the Complaint Drafting

Judgments which are the Essence of the Law

Doubt Clearance Part -2

Amendments & Limitations of the Act

Alternatives of Cheque Bounce Litigation

Recent Trends Followed by Indian Courts & Career Aspects

Course Completion Test

About the instructors

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Material Includes

  • Short to the point: 30+ Video Lectures
  • Downloadable Modules & Bare Provisions
  • Latest Case Law Summaries
  • Test at the Course End
  • Physical Certificate on Demand*


  • Elementary Knowledge of Indian Contract Act
  • Intermediate Knowledge of English (Reading & Listening)
  • Good Internet Connection

Target Audience

  • Law Students (Any Year Both 3-Year & 5-Year Law Programme)
  • Post-Graduates of Law (Students pursuing LLM)
  • Young Law Graduates
  • CA (Charted Accountants) Students
  • CS (Company Secretariat) Students
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